August 12, 2008

Brazil vs China Football match in Olympics 2008

Brazil vs China Football match in Olympics 2008
Ronaldinho is for Brazil and Brazil is in Olympics 2008. Olympics 2008 is in China now. The most popular football/Soccer teams in the world, Brazil, which has secured two victories against Belgium and New Zealand. They have to face with the host China on Wed Aug 13 at the local time 19:45. Brazil beat New Zealand by 5-0 and Belgium 1-0. He is leading the Brazil Team for Olympics 2008 as a Captain. Although he was some inactive during the match against Belgium but was totally confidence against New Zealand and secured 2 goal himself.

His fitness levels should also be improving after being on the field for the full 90 minutes against Belgium and the Kiwis. His fitness -- or lack of it -- had concerned FC Barcelona last season. Although he was sidelined for long spells with injuries, there was speculation that he was out late at night clubs too often and that was affecting his condition.

Ronaldinho was in rest for his injury but now he has come round and giving full efforts for his team in the ongoing Olympics 2008. Not only his team but also his club is happy for his returns.

There is not doubt that China is not a strong football/soccer team in the world. It could be easy for Brazil to beat.