July 14, 2008

Australian Olympic basketball team announced

Australia has announced its Basketball Team for the upcoming Olympic Games that will be held on Beijing and China. The proclaimed team is thinking to be a powerful to win the Gold in Basketball event. Some of powerful players in Basketball of Globe including Bogut, Chris Anstey and international stars David Andersen and Matthew Nielsen named in the 12 men Squad.
"We really have a talented group of guys going over and if we can push through the first round we have the ability to surprise everyone with our results," he said. "We're right up there with the European teams at the moment."
In the 12 men squad, the selection committee kept two centre men, one forward, four Guards and three forwards and two Guard/Forwards. Here is the name of the men below;
Australia's men's basketball team:
Chris Anstey, Andrew Bogut, David Andersen, CJ Bruton, Joe Ingles, Patrick Mills, Brad Newley, Matthew Nielsen, Shawn Redhage, Mark Worthington, David Barlow and Glen Saville.