June 26, 2008

Pakistan vs India match of Asia Cup Cricket tournament

The Fifth math of Asia Cup Cricket will be held India vs Pakistan at National Stadium, Karachi. This is the third and final match of Group-B and also the qualification round of the ongoing Asia Cup Cricket Tournament hosted by Pakistan and is playing in the two play grounds. The match of India vs Pakistan will be most electrifying and overpowering among the match of the tournament.

Asia Cup Cricket is running now and four matches already have been over. The four matches of the qualification round was not more suffocated because there was three teams that are not most important such as Bangladesh new comer United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. Arab Emirates and Hong Kong is playing first time in Asia Cup Cricket. The other three teams are India, Sri Lanka and host Pakistan.

The six teams have been divided in to two groups where Hong Kong, India and host Pakistan is in Group-B and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates is in the Group-A. On 26 June, two matches will be taken place in Karachi and Lahore. One is the arch-rival Pakistan vs India and other is Sri Lanka vs United Arab Emirates.

All the matches have been fixed as a Day-nigh match because of weather condition. So the matches of Pakistan Vs India and Sir Lanka vs United Arab Emirates will be come to the ground at 16:00 local time. It is a good time for all countries except Hong Kong.