June 28, 2008

Germany vs Spain: Euro final who will win?

Germany and Spain is going to face each other in the final of the ongoing UEFA Euro 2008. With the match German vs Spain, the 31 day long Euro will be end on Sunday 29 June. The match is going to kick off at Ernst Happel, Vienna. He opening ceremony was held in the same ground. In the opening match was Switzerland vs Czech Republic and the finishing match will be Germany vs Spain.

Germany is from Group B, the runners-up. No one thought that Germany will able to beat the most favorite Portugal easily. Germany just beat to Croatia in the qualification round and also beat Portugal in quarter-final and also Turkey in the semi-final that did not beat to Germany after 1984. I also strong recommended that Germany has become 3 time Champions.

The opposition team of Germany in the final of UEFA Euro 2008 is Spain. This is the third time Spain is playing in the final tournament. Spain became champion one time and one time runners-up. Spain is the only team that did not beat to any tams. If Spain becomes the champion of this stage they will be unbeaten champion. It perhaps the first time of unbeaten champion opportunity for Spain

The short story about the two teams of the Euro final match is full of useful information that I collected form different websites. But the result will come tomorrow at 20:45.