May 26, 2008

Will Delhi Daredevils play the Semi-Final?

Delhi Daredevils is leading the 3rd position of the Points Table. After finishing the first round it has secured just 15 points. Now they are in high mental pressure to play semi-final. Although they are in the third position but the other three tams is still on sanding. Anything can happen anytime. Three teams are fighting for the 3rd and forth position. They are Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils.

Although Kolkata Knight Riders is in the 5th position but they lost their hope to play in the Semi-Final of IPL T20. It already has played the selected 14 matches of the first round.

Now question is the can Delhi Daredevils secure the quality to play the Simi-Final of Indian Premier League? The answer is difficult but it is possible if Mumbai Indian gets defeat two matches and other possibilities is if Chennai Super Kings gets defeat of its remain two matches.

The possibilities are not the right measurement but everything could happen in a short time. So the rest matches will be more exciting for all the teams especially who are fighting for the 3rd and 4th position of the Indian Premier League Semi-Final. It is difficult for Delhi Daredevils because it has acquired a poor Net RR that could sent them back.