May 27, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: ESPN-STAR will telecast the matches Live

To watch Germany Vs Turkey Semi-Final live visit the link

There is nothing new to introduce ESPN STAR. It is the largest world leading sports channel. It telecasts live various games. Recently, it has got to telecast right of UEFA Euro 2008. UEFA Euro 2008 will be taken place from 7 June to 29June. Austria and Switzerland is the host country of the Euro 2008. ESPN-STAR is a Sport TV channel based on Asia especially south Asia. With this announcement the football fans of this area will able to watch 31 matches of Euro 2008.

ESPN-STAR Sports will broadcast live Euro 2008. In all 31 matches will be played from June 7. The final will be played in Vienna on July 29. The festival of football will be witnessed in eight cities – Basel, Geneva, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Zurich and Berne.

Asia is always crazy for Cricket. The weather of this area is suitable for cricket that is why football could not get more popularity in this area. It does not mean that the people of this area like football most.