May 1, 2008 A complete online assistant for IPLT20 Live

There is nothing new to describe about Circinfo. Does the circinfo telecast the live text commentary, ball-by-ball commentary, Mobicast, 3D Animation, Desktop Alerts only of DLF IPL? No, it also contributes in different stage of cricket media and the most popular cricket website in the world that is famous for its variety. You will get any lack of information about cricket even about the ongoing DLF Indian Premier League (IPL) that you want to know. It is not only the archive of the previous records but also the store house of recent news and analysis.

If you are a fan of DLF Indian Premier League (IPL) and want to watch live score of the match and you are the internet enabled desktop pc users so Cricinfo’s is the most helpful and information full area for you. it is providing information in the individual pages of different matches. If you visit the first page by using the website you will get the links of live score of the match that is running that time. So you can easily choose which match you like to watch now. By cricking the link you will get individual page of a small scoreboard of the batsmen who are batting and the bowlers who are bowling. To get full scoreboard and ball-by-bally text commentary you have to visit the scoreboard link. So it is totally as complete assistant for the pc users who are not watching TV.

Cricinfo Desktop Alerts: Cricinfo Desktop Alerts only for the Windows users. By installing the InstallCricinfoDesktopAlerts.exe you can get the news, scores & wicket alerts from Cricinfo direct to your desktop. It is totally free service. To get the information directly during the match time you can add it to your PC. first you have to be an internet enabled PC (Widows). Install the InstallCricinfoDesktopAlerts.exe. To get more information you can visit the link:

Cricinfo TV: Cricinfo TV is newly added items to watch the internet TV. If you want to watch the Cricinfo TV you have to download the Adobe Shockwave form adobe website which is free. The CricifoTV is the snapshot of the ongoing world cricket news. It telecast news daily. If you miss any news you could get it from its archives. this link can help you what do you want to know.

Cricinfo 3D: It provides not only 3D animation but also Animation with Sound, Animation with Sound too. You can choose the camera angles what do you like more. Match scorecard and statistics is another opportunity for the cricket fans. It will show a 3D window also gives you access to a live scorecard, automated wagon wheels, pitch maps and partnership statistics.

Cricinfo 3D Highlights are a part of 3D animation:

Watch the highlights of all International matches on Cricinfo 3D

Re-live the action by watching the wickets, fours and sixes

Compare the statistics of teams playing each other

Read the complete ball by ball commentary

Cricinfo Mobicast: The most important chance for cricket fan form Cricinfo is Mobicast. By using this opportunity a mobile users can access Cricinfo's famed ball-by-ball commentary. Cricinfo now offers you ball-by-ball coverage on your mobile phone, and it's free. To get all the test by using mobile phone you have to have mobile phone that is compatible for the queries. Which handset is compatible to get Cricinfo Mobicast service visit the website: