May 2, 2008

Bangalore Royal Challengers v Deccan Chargers: who will win?

Deccan Chargers already has played 4 matches and going to play its 5th math against Bangalore Royal Challengers. Similarly, Bangalore Royal Challengers also played 4 matches too. Both the team just has won one match. It is a challenge for each team now.

In the last match Bangalore Royal Challengers was totally despondence all the fans. The captain Rahul Dravid’s did not do any good score in the last five matches. If you look over the scoreboard then you easily comprehend that it lost the last five wickets just cashing 15 runs and the last 8 wickets fallen only 30 runs. So it will be hard for the Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Deccan Chargers is another losing team in the Indian Premier League. It also won just one match among the five. In the last match the 5th match of Deccan Chargers and the 19th matches of Indian Premier League, it faced the similar problem of Bangalore. The team last is last five wickets just casing 10 runs. It is too despondent for all.

What the result will come in the next day? Now it is the matter of existence for both the teams.