April 11, 2008

Shah Ruhk Khan’s Grand offer for Kolkata Knight Riders’ Team fans

Kolkata Knight Riders’ is the tam of BCCI established and ICC backed IPL that was setup to defeat ICL. BCCI and all the license holders of IPL teams are trying to make popular the IPL. After winning the ownership of Kolkata Knight Riders’ team Indian Bollywood superstar Shah Ruhk Khan’s attention to make his team to the fans. That is why, he has declared grand offer to the fans of Kolkata Team.

Thaindian reported:

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is going all out and will buy away match tickets for his Kolkata Knight Riders’ team fans. Knight Riders will play seven away matches in the inaugural Indian Premier League (IPL) starting April 18 and Shah Rukh will buy 1000 tickets each.

I think it is a very good step to achieve the hearts of fans. Now it is time to see for which kinds of fans he will offer this tickets to watch the inaugural ceremony on 18 April.