April 18, 2008

Mumbai Indians the top Bided and most Popular Team in IPL

Mumbai Indians is one of the popular teams in the inaugural IPL Twenty20 tournament. There are many stars cricket in this team such as Sanath Jayasuriya, Shaun Pollock etc. Some of the players of the national team of India also there who performed well in the inaugural Twenty20 world cup champion tournament in South Africa.

Robin Uthappa, 22 is one of them whose presentation impressed all the Indian fans, especially some of his innovative shoots. During the interval the commentator and cricket intelligent asked him about this shoot. He answered freely and told he practiced it in the home ground.

Indian Star Icon Sachin Tendulkar will lead the Mumbai Indians team. Although he is the best players in the world in both Test and ODI but he has not show any well performance in the Twenty20 format. Any way it is the time to show him. Some of the media reports told that he not fit for the tournament.

Now, it is a question who will lead the team Mumbai Indians, Robin Uthappa or Harbhajan Singh during the absent of the Sachin Tendulkar.

Indian peoples are always crazy in two things Crcket and Bollywood. In the IPL there are many Bollywood stars who are playing important role to make IPL popular. Hrithk Roshan is one of them who are the brand ambassador of Mumbai Indians team.

Mumbai Indians is the top bided team of IPL of $111.9 million. Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries Limited have purchased the team.