April 4, 2008

Goa’s pageant Harshita Saxena for Miss India 2008

Harshita Saxena is form Goa who participated as a regional contestant and selected for Pantaloons Famina Miss India 2008 in December. There was a rule that the contestant who will be the regional champion will take part in the final directly. Harshita Saxena occupied the top position among them who participated to become qualified for Miss India 2008.

Harshita Saxena vital statistics:

Age:20 yrs

Height:5' 9.12"


Hobbies: Dancing, reading, playing basketball and listening to music

I want to introduce Harshita Saxena in different views. Darshika who was the representative of Goa for the beauty pageant 2006, Harshita Saxena is her sister. She is also a brilliant student and studying a correspondence degree course in Bachelor of Arts.