April 22, 2008

The first Two Match Summary of Rajasthan Royals and next

Rajasthan Royals is lowest bid team in the IPL T20 (Indian Premier League, Twenty20). The owner of the team is acquired by Emerging Media group for US$67 and will represent the city of Rajasthan. This is the only team that is leading by a foreign Captain. He is none but World top Spinner and first 700 wicket takers in the Test Match, Shane Warne.

From the beginning, he is leading all of his associates confidently. He is leading Rajasthan Royals not only as a Captain but also Coach too. Although he did not hunt any wicket in the first match along with Delhi Daredevils but in the second match his magic defeated the batsmen of Kings XI Punjab.

The fall of the third wicket put Watson on the defensive briefly. Sensing the need to build a partnership, he held one end up and waited patiently for the bad deliveries. Irfan Pathan got a couple to beat the bat but Punjab weren't prepared for the onslaught that was to come. One particular heave from Watson was so powerful it split the bat in half and yet just carried on over the long-on boundary. Wielding a new bat, Watson took on James Hopes, lofting one over his head on one knee, before nearly decapitating Irfan with a straight drive.

Here I want to remind an advertisement that showed in different satellite TV Channel. “The young man who supported Kings XI Punjab did not care the old man who supported the Rajasthan Royals”. But in the field the outlook-inside was totally changed. Rajasthan Royals counters so hard to Kings XI Punjab with bat-ball in the field.

Both the team Rajasthan Royals and King XI Punjab will meet again on 28 May 2008 at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh. So we have to wait for that day.