March 30, 2008


I think IPL is in trouble abut English players. The first IPL is going to take place on April. But, its main problem is that they did able to accommodate the English players. The IPL is in conflict of the time schedule with county cricket. It has a great value to all the English men than others. It is clear to the opinion of the ECB chairman, Giles Clarke.

Currently, the IPL clashes with England's county season but Lalit Modi, its chairman, maintains his willingness to shift the dates of future tournaments in order to accommodate English players. The ECB chairman, Giles Clarke, strongly believes that England's players would rather play for their country than an Indian franchise, but Sean Morris, the PCA chief executive, is aware of the need for a balance.

"We will ask the players how they feel," he said. "We need to sit them down and ask their personal views - some might have different opinions to others. But I would like to think on behalf of the players we would be able to take advantage of this concept and allow them to reap the benefits.

Although, Lalit Modi, the chairman of IPL, told that they would keep in mind about the county cricket for the next episode of IPL. There is not only England team but also different home series. So, how they manage all the countries?

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