March 8, 2008

Kareena’s is not accepting Saif

Some days ago there was news in the media that Saif Ali Kahan tried to convince Karishma Kapoor and became successful to this mission; even Kareena’s father also declared that if Bebo becomes happy then he has no problem. But Kareena’s mother did not accept Saif-kareen relationship form her heart and has become displeased.

Bebo’s Mother Babita is so much knowledgeable and did not any mishehave with Saif and acting very simple so that everyone could think that she has no negative though about Saif.

Our well-placed source in the industry says, "Babita has not done anything in public so far to reveal her opinion of Bebo's relationship with Saif. She has been very cordial with Saif, but when alone with Kareena, she does not leave any opportunity to tell her that Saif is not the right choice for her."

So what is the problem with Saif? "It's not that Babita dislikes Saif as a person. She finds him a nice guy. Her problem is Saif's age. While Kareena is 27, Saif is 37. The 10-year age gap is disturbing Babita. She feels Saif is a bit too old for Kareena."

As, Bebo’s mother could not take Saif simply, so will the romance will come end now? Kareena doesn’t think so. She thinks that her family and also her mother will accept their relationship sooner or later.