March 7, 2008

IPL official website vs IPL Tournament

Indian Premier League (IPL) has been created by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) and ICC also has leaded behind it. It is a Twenty20 Cricket format championship. It was established just rivalry of ICL. I think you will not find any difference with the ICL and you all know that BCCI was totally against on ICL and some officials told that the ICL format will destroy the traditional Cricket. Do you think so? It may be wrong from my view. Actually, it is right that there was no benefit of BCCI to setup ICL and that is why BCCI created Indian Premier League (IPL).

My article is about Indian Premier League (IPL) official website. Dear Cricket fans, did you visit Indian Premier League (IPL) official website? The report I have written on 7 March 2008. I did not find any important (even less important) information on that website. Most of the pages are not active at all. Although you could get a little bit information but it is out of work.

In the first page you will not able to get any information except this (see the picture below). Here you can see the date and links indicating click here for more information. Among three does not work. May be it updated last on 20 February. It’s mean that there was no essential news in Indian Premier League (IPL) office.

If you visit the Wikipedia you only get the information about the money. You will see the list of

1 Fixtures

2 Television Rights

3 Title Sponsorship Rights

4 Franchises

5 Administration

6 Player signings

7 See Also

8 External links

9 References

But here no information about fixture, if you want then you have to visit another page. It is showing that is a big match of money, money and money.