February 6, 2008

Rajput community is protesting Jodhaa Akbar

A number of Rajput community Members staged a protest today against a Bollywood film Jodhaa Akbar in Delhi.

More than hundreds of youth belongings of Rajput community staged a protest demonstration and given slogan in loud voice against the producer Ashutosh Goyarikar’s film Jodhaa Akbar. Even they burnt the promotional picture of the film. They have protested about the origin of Jodhaa Bai, as has formed in the movie. According to Rajputs, Jodhaa Bai was the dautheter-in-law of Emperor Akbar not his wife. Actually, Jodhaa was wife of Jehangir, son of Akbar.

News Sawf Wrote:

Rajputs have raised strong objection on Jodhaa Bai's origin. According to Rajputs, Jodhaa Bai was the daughter-in-law of Akbar, and not his wife, as shown in the film.

Lokendra Singh Kalvi, the chief patron of the Karni Sena, said that they would work at all-India level to bring together organizations representing 'Kashtriya' clan (Warrior clan) and voice opposition against "obscenity being committed on the history".

It was known from historic sources that Jodhaa Bai was not the wife of Akbar. So, there is going argue controversy among different levels which is the correct history.

Jodhaa-Akbar is a historic deep love romance between Mughal emperor Akbar and his wife Jodhaa, who is a Hindu communal. Hrithik Roshan acted the role of Akbar and Aishwarya Rai in the role of Jodhaa Bai in the film Jodhaa-Akbar. The movie will be released after this current month in three languages Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.