February 7, 2008

Asian Film Festival will take place from 9 February

From 9 February, the Asian Film Festival will be run around 12 days. The festival is going to organizing by the Asian consuls General Club and it will take place in the Al-Hamra district of Jeddah. The location of the auditorium is in the residence of the Indonesian consul general at Al-Marhoumi Street (21).

The festival begins with India’s “Chak de India” and a Saudi Arabian documentary on Feb. 9. This will be followed by a Japanese film “Nitaboh” and documentaries on Feb. 10, Malaysian film “Mukhsin” and documentaries on Feb. 11, Sri Lankan “Udu Gan Yamaya” and documentaries on Feb. 12, Indonesia’s “Nagabonar” and documentaries on Feb. 13, Bangladesh’s “Aha” and documentaries on Feb. 14, Pakistan’s “Jinnah” on Feb. 15, Philippine documentaries on Feb. 16, China’s “Beautiful Homeland” and documentaries on Feb. 17, Thailand’s “Hom Rong” on Feb. 18, Singapore’s feature film and Saudi documentaries on Feb. 19 and Korea’s “Family Tie” on Feb. 20.

It is showing that over one dozen of film and documentary will be showed on the festival. Although, I did not get any useful information on internet by Google search but I think it is a very good sing to build up relationship and introduce each other.