February 10, 2008

Aishwarya and Abhishek will act together

The famous Bollywood married couple Ash-Abhi will be cast together for the film which will be made over the biography of Lord Gautam Buddha and his wife. It is the first time they will be paired together in a film after their marriage.

For wedding to Abhaishek Bachchan, a surname has added besides the name of Aishwarya. Marriage didn’t any barrier for Ash to act in film rather she is getting lucrative offer. This time she has approached to such an eminent filmmaker, Pan Nalin who made the two vitally acclaimed films Valley of Flowers, acted by starring Milind Soman and his French wife Mylene Jampanoi and Samsara.

If every tings goes well then it is expected that Aishwarya and Abhishek will be cast for Pan Nalin’s film and Ash will play the role of Yashodhara, wife of Siddharth, who is known to the over the world as lord Gautam Buddha. As far as is known it is a multi billion dollar project. Pan Nalin says, “I have been backed by Oscar winning producer Bamet Bian who has produced What Dreams May Come and The Celestine Prophecy, is getting in to movie production in India by this project. I thought at first to Aishwarya Rai and my producer was agreeing in a word when he heard Ash’s name. She is perfect for the character.

Pan Nalin is staying in Mumbai now to convince the Bachchan bahurani to sign up his desired project. Pan said, “I came Mumbai with script and DVD’s of my two films and met with Ash. I was surprised that such a big celebrity could be so humble and down to earth. She heard the story and wanted to know about different critical questions and other logistic about the film. She told me that she has heard about my movie and after seeing my film she came to me. Ash assured me that she is agree to play the role but wanted to know that who would play in the introduction of Gautam Budha? Then I inform her Abhishek’s name for the role. To hear his name Ash was zapped and said to me to get in touch with Abhishek.”

Pan Nalin said that he wasn’t fan of Abhishek before, never would I think much him as a great actor but my guess changed after seeing of his acted films Yuva and Guru.

He was asked that is he conscious the others couple of films on the great Indian Monk and the creator of Budhism, more prominent among them are Shekhar Kapoor and Shyam Benegal's movies? Then Pan says, “I'm quite aware about it, but my movie will be different, it will be told from the point of Gautam Buddha's wife, Yoshodhara and I will make the film in such a way that it will have its global appeal.” source