February 23, 2008

Aditya Chopra-Payal Khanna divorced

Yash Raj Films owner Aditya Chopra, who directed some blockbuster film in bollywood and own the heart of the bollywood fans but he has fail to won the heart of his real life queen Payal Khanna. They were not happy in there five years conjugal life. From last two years their relationship becomes more irritate. As a result they decided to divorce.

Aditya Chopra who has had an estranged relationship with wife Payal Khanna since two years, has filed a mutual consent petition for divorce and is already serving the mandatory six-period cooling-off time. In fact, the filmmaker’ legal divorce is due in three months. Aditya who has been married to Payal for five years moved out of his parents’ home in 2006 after they expressed their unhappiness over his decision to divorce.

Although Adidya’s family love Payal Khanna very much but they have nothing to do. But they are giving logistic help to Payal and giving a large amount of money and a home in Juhu.

Aditya’s family loves their daughter-in-law very much and they were not happy with his decision. Though Payal will not remain Aditya’s wife legally, they will give her all the comfort that she deserves. Her bank balance has been saturated with enough money and she has been given a spacious home in Juhu so that she can spend her life peacefully and does not face any monetary problem.

Although someone is not finding any appropriate explanation why Aditya Chopra has divorced but last June there were hot news in news media about Aditya-Rani engagement. There I got an information that second woman in his life is the main cause of divorce.

According to sources the reason for his wanting a divorce is the presence of another woman in his life. Sources claim that this other woman is none other than actress Rani Mukherjee. Adi and Payal were childhood friends and decided to tie the knot after their families who are good friends suggested it.

May be it is a shake for Payal’s personal life but I think she could overcome it. Payal comes from a business family and she is an interior designer also evolved in Yash Raj Studio designing.