January 27, 2008

Ta Ra Rum Pum: Review

Don’t worry, be happy! When anyone sees the movie Ta Ra Rum Pum they will get some new things from this movie. This film directed by Siddharth Anand.

Starting are Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerjee, Jaaved Jaffrey, Shruti Seth and Victor Banerjee. The all movie is about a life a race car driver and his family. Siddharth Anand demonstrate some true things about race car driver, how ups and downs in his career, affects his life and also in family and how he tackle the down moments.

Summery of this movie: Radika (Rani) is a daughter of rich man Subo Shekher Ray Banargee (Victor Banerjee) and RV(Saif Ali Khan). They are live in New York city. When RV met with Radika then he got a chance to perform as car racer, which was RV’s Dream. RV falls in love at first sight and then Radika also fall in love. So RV thinks he is lucky for Radika. Day by day RV is popular as a car racer. They decided to marry but Radika’s father was not agreed because RV has no any degree. But Radhika is very obstinate, so she marries him. They are happiest people with their two kids Princes and Champ.

One day RV has an accident. Which change his life, down his career and strongly affect in his family? RV lost his car, house because he bought all things taken loan from bank and he could not complete the bank installments. He has no cash. That was very critical situation for him and also his family. But they strongly handle this situation, gain and back their happiest life again………

Sometimes I think life is like a highway, where always risk to go down and also possibility to come up. When we arrive a road all time we are careful about our journey, if no then unfortunately accident can happened. So all times in our life have to be serious.

Vishal & Shekhar are the music director of this movie. Every songs of this movie are excellent. If you see this movie doesn’t forget to listen the song “Ho agar kavi koi hum to”……….