March 2, 2007

Md Yunus attempts to help Bangladesh Women’s Football Association (BWFA)

The Women’s Football Association of Bangladesh started it’s stepped from 2003. Till then it does not play any role. Now Md Yunus spread his hand to the development of this sector.

Kolkata Newsline reported:

And in a bid to push their new projects, the BWFA has consulted Yunus. Dana explained: “I already an informal discussion with Mr Yunus regarding the development of women’s football in Bangladesh. As he is always sympathetic towards efforts to development women’s football, Mr Yunus has promised to organise necessary financial support. We are optimistic that he will provide patronage for women’s soccer in Bangladesh. He was the man who brought Zinedine Zidane to this country. He is also organising a trip to France for the junior boys’ team, slated to be announced soon.”

This attempt will develop the BWFA.