March 2, 2007

Bangladesh to bring in electricity Nepal & Bhutan through India

SAARC conference will held from 7 March 2007 at New Delhi. On that conference power and energy ministers Bangladesh will talk this matter with Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Energy Bangladesh reported:

“I’ll discuss the issue… I don’t know whether any offer from any countries was given on the issue so far. If not, I would try to initiate the matter under the cover of regional cooperation,” said Chowdhury, assigned to the tough task of managing the country’s power-hungry power sector.
He, however, said any regional cooperation like electricity import should be discussed separately without linking any one with others. “Any cooperation should take place unconditionally.”

In Bangladesh electricity is am most considered thing. Govt. decided to close the shopping mall from 7PM for saving the electricity and it is obeyed by the business now. It’s a very good attempt from the govt. that Bangladesh to decided to import electricity.