January 30, 2007

Street children (Toaki) in Dhaka City: What do they eat?

Street children in Dhaka city lead a very measurable life. They eat various kinds of things. But from where they get it? Most of they have to face of kindness of people. Some time they have to face the rude behave from people.In these pictures one boy is eating food sitting by a loan place. He also shared it with his companion. He and his companion always share all things. If any one gives some money they also divide it equally.

Globalfootprint has written:
“Some of the children are on the street - they work, play and spend most of their day with other children on the street but have families to return to at night. These children often help the family earn money by working on the streets.
Other children are of the street - they survive without family, entirely on their own, except for the company of other street children or those willing to help and support them.”

Although they eat food by the kindness of others but they have a simple mind to help others. Dear viewers, in this picture you can see that one boy is giving food to the dog.