January 13, 2007

Rice: The staple food of Bangladesh

Rice is the staple food of Bangladeshi. It grows in a moderate climate. In Bangladesh, the climate is very good for growing all kinds of crops like rice. Rice is plowed in tow season. One is Let-autumn and others is May - June.

The Daily Star has written:

“Being an agriculture-dependent economy with a growing population, and having one of the world's lowest land-man ratios with further aggravation due to loss of and non-agricultural use of land, the most important issue in Bangladesh agriculture is to ensure enhanced and sustained growth in crop productivity.”

Now it is the Let-autumn so farmers are sowing crops in their field. At the end of Autumn farmers show their seed in the Seed-plot. After some days when the seedling becomes grow 5-6 inches then the farmer put it and plants it on their mushy land.

“Crop yield is a function of environment and genotype of the variety used. To improve the yields of certain genotypes, technologies are being developed at the research stations. These technologies are adopted in the farmers' fields to harness benefits in production and profit.”

In the pictures you can see the different step of the crops. This after three month at the end of March and whole April these crops will change its shape and will become a full paddy. Then people will harvest it and will get the peak it and will keep it in to their barn for reservation.