January 11, 2007

Footpath Markert: Seen all over in Dhaka City

The picture you are watching is market on footpath market; I took it form Khilkhet near Zia International Airport. The area is known as Khilkeht Bas stand. The Daily Star wrote

“Winter is finally here this year, and the temperature can be felt at Bongo Bazar where sales have shot up considerably over last week's cold spell. "Our sales have doubled," says a salesman at one of the "booths" at Dhaka's most popular clothes outlet. Sweaters, jeans, hats, scarves and even gloves are selling fast at the current 10-14 degrees Celsius. This winter season, SWM guides you through the maze at Bongo Bazar and shows you what's in and at what prices at Dhaka's very own Bongo.”

“Today it houses the huge surplus supply from local garment industries. It is these export-quality items that makes the visit worth the effort for the middle and the upper middle income groups of Dhaka. There are foreign items too, brought in from Japan, China and Korea. Such apparel arrives in Sadarghat, Dhaka via Chittagong. Another huge input pours in from the local markets. There are hundreds of sewing machines constantly churning out different items in the second tier of the Bongo Bazar itself. Kazi Enam, a wholesaler who has his showroom on the first floor of the Bazar, is the proprietor of Enam and Brothers; he testifies, "There are foreign clothes available in Sadarghat. We buy them to make our own jackets and shirts. Our own khalifas (tailors) make export quality products." According to him, "There are no local products from places like Keraniganj or other places. Keraniganj is the place that supplies to meet the local demand throughout the country." Although a few shop owners claim that Keraniganj too is producing goods for Bongo Bazar, most deny that their clothes have anything to do with the run of the mill items produced there.”

It was the month of January then there was winter season. The temperature is very low in Bangladeshi condition. So people were buying some worm cloth as one’s ability. Dear viewers, you can see that the market is in an open place beside the road. Middle and lower class people is the customer of this market.