January 11, 2007

Bangladesh: Catching fish by a Small Boy

Fishing is someone’s favorite hobby. But it is limited among some of man who was not live in city of town. But in the village it is common for every man. There is no man who does not know how to catch the fish. In that area it is common work for everyone. It is one of the works in their daily routine.

It was the month of January and the time was 2:30PM. Please look at this boy, the boy is not catching fish in a swamp. The name of the boy is Rassel, read in class four and his father is a day-laborer. Fishing is not his hobby. It is his daily work. His mother asked her to go to catch fish for their lunch. For this he came for fishing their. He is fishing with different kinds of net. The net is triangle that was made by three bamboo stick and a cloth like curtain.

About Bangladeshi fish sector world bank wrote:

  • Bangladesh is blessed with rich and diverse natural resources for fisheries. About 34 percent of the country's area is under water almost six months each year. Bangladesh has extensive riverine systems, as well as productive coastal and marine fishing grounds. Reflecting this wealth, the fisheries sector makes important contributions to income, employment, nutrition, and foreign exchange earnings. It generates about 3.5 percent of total gross domestic product (GDP), mainly from inland fisheries. The sector employs about 1.5 million full-time professional fishermen and about 11 million part-time, mainly subsistence fishermen, whose numbers peak in the June-October flood season. Altogether, these fishermen and their families represent about 50 percent of Bangladesh's population. Fish supply approximately 80 percent of the animal protein and 7 percent of the total protein intake in the average Bangladeshi diet. For subsistence fishermen and their families, the fish they catch is often their only source of protein and essential minerals. About 11 percent of export earnings comes from fishing, chiefly from shrimp raised in brackish ponds.

He came to catch small shrimp to there. After seeing him I went there and look that the boy was pushing his net under water. After sometime he pulled his net and I saw that there was some small shrimp and also different kinds of small fish we called it Rui.
After some one hour again I went to him and saw he caught more fish. He requested me to give him some picture of his own because he has no pictures on his home. I assured him that I would give him that picture.