October 1, 2014

Jamuna Television:Investigation 360 Degree set 25th episode

Press Release: This 3rd October, Friday at 9.20 Jamuna Television’s regular aired program on crime and investigation titled Investigation 360 Degree set its 25th episode. This programme discloses various kinds of crimes, corruption, and misrules happening in the society through investigative reporting.
Various social, governmental issues highlighted in this program. On every episode various issues are investigated by the reporters of the team. The reporters of Investigation 360 Degree try to highlight and investigate various issues.
 A variety of highly sensitive camera and equipments is being used at the investigation of different Issues. In an open discussion with renowned media personalities in Bangladesh, Hanif Sanket defines that, ‘Different episode of Investigation 360 Degree reflects various social and communal crimes and crisis. Such types of investigation will shape Media participation at Society.’ Investigation 360 Degree highlighted different issues attacked into the society of Bangladesh. Crimes, drugs, pornography, hacking, swindle and many other forms of social and institutional crime crop up at Bangladesh. Dr Abdun Nur Tuser, a distinguished social activist from Bangladesh says that, different dimension of the investigation and research depth differentiates the program from others. Presentation and design of the program change the common form of other programs.
The programme has been planned and hosted by the prominent journalist Supon Ray. Through this programme viewers will get to know how the crimes occur, how to prevent it and how to get rid of it. Viewers will have access to this programme. They can ask question or inform misrules of the society through phone or e-mail number.