November 30, 2010

Duncan Fletcher to Give Consultancy to New Zealand

Duncan Fletcher is going to work as a full time coaching consultant for New Zealand for the rest of their visit in India. He is a former cricket coach of England. Mark Greatbatch is New Zealand’s present coach. He has welcomed Fletcher with the hope Fletcher will offer valuable ideas.

Mark Greatbatch has confidence in Fletcher. He said Fletcher has great career behind and gathered vast experience. So to get some feedback from such a person is always an opportunity.

In fact Fletcher will not take the duties of head coach. He will be in the background and simply watches the practice, and see first couple of games.  The coaches will sit with him and discuss his thoughts on cricket

Roger Mortimer is the high performance manager of New Zealand team. He is also pleased as he thinks Fletcher will have a full exposure of New Zealand players and management and give valuable ideas on it. Duncan is a world class cricket expert. New Zealand authority expects someone will get valuable cricketing knowledge from Duncan and engage them for the team.

New Zealand is very worried about their recent performance. They have lost in the last six one day internationals including the first opening one day with India on 28th November. They also lost test series 1-0 against India during this visit. Before this they lost both one–day and Test series with Bangladesh.

source: Tvnz