November 8, 2010


Abhishek Bachchan along withHimachal Prodesh Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal  unveiled the world largest Hanuman Idol in Simla on Thursday.The statue is 108 feet high and is at the Jaku temple located in  Mount Jaku at an altitude of 85oo feet..Avishek is a great devotee if Hanuman, a god in hindu mythology. Abhishek strongly believes that Hanumanjee solves every problem if one becomes an earnest devotee of the god. He went to Simla with his sister Shweta Nanda  on a privet visit to unveil the statue . He came here again after nine years .He then came to this hill station for the shooting of his film LOC. He says that he is charmed with the natural beauty of Simla and wishes to visit Simla again with family. 

JHC Nanda Trust, a philanthropic wing of Oral health care products manufacturer JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd,  set up the statue on the premises of the historical Jakhu Temple . The  Hanuman idol is concrete built has been at a cost of Rs.1.5 crore.It weighs 1500 tnns and one oh the tallest statues of the world. The statue has sensors that keep birds away. 

According to the myth of the great Hindu epic Ramayn, Honuman stopped on this mountain for a moment on his journey to fetch Sanjeevani herb to revive Laxman, brother of Lord Ram.

 When the managing Director of the company approached Abhisek with the proposal he readily accepted it. He regarded it as a call from the god himself. There’s a tradition of devotion to Hanumanjee in Bachchan family. Abhishek’s grand mother is also a strong devotee of the God.