October 8, 2010

States of father Salim Khan about son Salman Khan

Recently, Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan, the famous scriptwriter has given a very open interview about his son. He added several new words during his conversation about his son that might be unknown to all. He added, ‘Whenever Salman settles in a relationship, he starts looking for his mother in that girl, Salim added. He said that it is not possible for a woman to do all the household chores when she just starts her career as an actress. She can’t be expected to prepare meals, look after kids and wash clothes while balancing the hectic schedule of shooting.’

But when raised question about his son’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif, he answered cleverly and avoid carefully.  He told, ‘I don’t know whether Katrina is still there in Salman’s life. At the same time he also blames his son about his interest in an aspiring movie actress and settling down in life was definitely the last choice for them. Among the all states, one answer is very fruitful and interesting which he quoted that Salman looks for his mother in his girlfriends.