July 7, 2010

Germany vs Spain World Cup 2010: Who will win?

In the first semifinal, Netherlands bas defeated Uruguay. The winner scored 3 goals. Though Uruguay tried to turn back scoring 2 goals, at last they had to ac knowledge defeat.

In the second semis, two important nations which have the strongest leadership in Euro football will show their performances on July 7, 2010.

According to the history, it was found that the two experienced team was met in the Euro 2008 final and Spain achieved victory over Germany. Capacity has been changed by the time being.

After the group round match, Germany has shown tremendous performance that brought victory in second round knock-out and in quarter-final.

Spain is playing well from the very beginning and achieves victories with their great skills. On the other hand Germany making trap with their counterattack to the opponent. This tactics brought success in the last two matches and scored several goals in last two matches.

Hope, the match will be more attractive for the audiences. Both the team has to fight for the best performances to be qualified for the finals.