May 21, 2010

VoIP license will be open within three month

VoIP is called illegal in Bangladesh perspective because there is no permission to conduct this technology in the country. There are many organizations, especially some telecom company had to paid huge amount of money for it. Now, the government is going to open the technology so that the people can get the opportunity of this technology.

On Thursday, ‘Meet the Press’ ceremony at Telecom with Telecom Reporters Network Bangladesh Telecom Minister told that 3500 more licenses will be given in the first stage among the interested company.

“The licences will be issued to the new entrants within next three months after the Telecom Regulatory Act 2010 gets parliament's nod,” Telecom Minister Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju said yesterday.

It hopes that after three month word illegal VoIP will be Legal VoIP. It will be big initiative from the government and the people will be benefited the whole time with this technology.