February 19, 2010

Add PageNavi Plugins in Wordpress and take advantage

Those who are interested in blogging in the Wordpress self hosted platform, I think they are eager to add Navigation bar or panel under the home page or any single page too. Here I am giving an nice looking navigation plug-in for Wordpress WP-PageNavi by name. We all know that navigation to your WordPress site by using PageNavi adds a more advantage.

How to install the WP-PageNavi Plugin:

You can install the plugin in two different way; automatically from the WordPress admin, and uploading in to your host manually.

Step 1: Download it from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-pagenavi/
Step 2: Unzip the archive and put the `wp-pagenavi` folder into your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/).
Step 3: Log in to your admin area and activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.
Step 4: Open the footer.php page
Step 5: Add this code anywhere of the page where you want to show the Nav Bar ''
Step 6: Go to Admin area to configure WP-PageNavi

You can change the CSS to get attractive outlook .