October 12, 2009

USA and Mexico have qualified for the World Cup football 2010

United State has become qualified for the Fifa World Cup 2010 in South Africa, the last win over Honduras clinch the way. US earns 3-2 wins over the island country. Another North American country Mexico also qualified too. By beating El-Salvador in a big gap, they have achiever the qualification from CONCACAF. Still one match has left that will be taken place on 14 October. If both the teams get lose but it may not feel any effect on the standings especially for USA. Costa Rica’s wins would be trouble for Mexico if they lose to Trinidad & Tobago. But it is almost impossible because Trinidad is very weak team and just secured one win over the season.

Earlier this year Mexico took on Trinidad in their home ground but this time Mexico is going to visit Trinidad in their home ground. In January, this year, Mexico just earned 2-1 victory. In the recent previous match González M., Blanco C., Palencia F. and Vela C. contributed to secured victory with single goal each. But in answer to, El Salvador midfielder Julio Enrique Martínez able to paid one satisfaction goal.

The first half of US and Honduras was totally goalless but within ten minutes both the teams scored one goal each and next ten minutes was goalless. After 65 minutes the goals come in a narrow distance. Casey C. and Donovan’s scores pulled US to watch dream for World Cup. Honduras tried to come back to the game by netted a goal at 78'. If Honduras could win over US then they would have a complete opportunity to qualify for the South Africa.