October 17, 2009

Samsung LD220G and LD190G LCD monitors for laptops users

With the development to technology everything is getting change time by time. Everyone who are working for the section or have an intention to sustain their career in these areas or for official works who have to spend extended period, chose portable and long battery life laptops to support them. They all have to face some problem for size especially screen. No doubt that it has high resolution and capable to support long time. Recently, Samsung has unveiled two external LCDs aimed those user who have to spend longtime with their laptops. Their new LCDs are LD220 and LD190.

For the US users they have launched it on mid of October. The LCDs are 22-inches and 23-inches respectively that will be connected via USB cables and it has options to connect with a built-in USB HUB too. LD220 will be connected with USB but LD190 has a VGA post. So, that laptop will able to works that as VGA outputs. Resolution of the two monitors are1080p and 1360 x 768 as well. The 190N will sell for $149.99 and the 220G sells for $249.99.

Source: it247.com