October 19, 2009

Manchester United pulled up but Arsenal most goals scorer 2009-10

Manchester United, the champions of 200-09 is climbing at the top of the premier league standing table after punching 2-1 wins over Bolton when the leading team Chelsea got defeat to Aston villa.  The top two teams have got defeat to the weakest team on 17 October premier league match. Liverpool is also has walked in the same way like Chelsea. Liverpool has been beaten to Sunderland and this is their fourth consecutive lose in this season. Arsenal has improved its position and holding the top four. It defeated Birmingham City in the home ground by 3-1.

Manchester United is standing on the top position on the standing table when Arsenal is on the top of scoring highest total goal in this season. They scored 27 goals from 8 appearances. Liverpool, Manchester united, Tottenham and Chelsea are on the serial as well when Liverpool, 22 Manchester United and Tottenham 21 and Chelsea 19 goals. We all know that Arsenal has play play-off match to qualify for the UEFA Champions League for this year.