October 28, 2009

Bollywood is a big trend among U.S. NRI

In bollywood it unveils more than two movies each week and Indian cinema loving people eagerly wait for the day. It may be a billion dollars industry after Cricket. Beside Indian local market, it has a big market in U.S., Canada and Middle East. It is sure to tell that Indians are crazy in Bollywood. I found some information that there is some U.S. Cinema Theater where Indian people gather to watch bollywood movie.

Welcome to one of the few bright spots for the stagnant U.S. movie theater industry: Indian cinema. As the Indian film industry has mushroomed -- surpassing Hollywood as the most prolific producer of movies -- distributors of Bollywood and regional Indian films have been eager to broaden their global appeal, especially in the U.S., which accounts for as much as 70% of their movies' foreign box office.

Towne Theatre, San Jose most of the NRI used to visit to watch South Indian film. AMC Theater is another place where only Hindi films are showing.