September 27, 2009

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 to come next month

Microsoft is going to release the Latest Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 earlier in the month of October and Windows Mobile 6.1 was released in 2008. It is expecting that Windows Mobile 7 would releases next year. Near about 50 million of people uses the operation system when 50 percent of the market share is controlled by Symbian. According to the market research, Windows Mobile has lost its 9 percent of market share than the previous quarter of running fiscal year and comparing with the same time of the previous year, it is about 14 percent.

Chicagotribune reported:

Like the Apple iPhone App Store, the marketplace will be a place where any developer can sell mobile phone applications. It also will have fewer restrictions on developers than the iPhone store, said Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Windows Mobile.

It is hopping, in the third quarter of the next month; the most highlighted operating system is going to be released. By releasing Windows Mobile 6.5, the application maker is thinking to expand their hands like Apple iPhone App Store and thinking to reduce restriction than previous time.