September 14, 2009

AMD’s Tigris will increase Graphics performance

On last Thursday, the second largest micro chip maker AMD has announced a new processor under Turion II X2 and Athlon lines for the part of laptop platform. It has brought out with an improved graphics feature that will improve the multimedia performances. It may come to the chip market as a codename of Tigris. The previous version Puma, AMD’s first platform, introduced on last year for laptop mainstream, the Tigris platform will powered in the same area which suppose to be similar with Intel's Centrino platform. Most of the laptop makers will represent some new laptops equipped with Tigris in the next event in California.


The platform includes dual-core Turion II X2 processors running at speeds between 2.2GHz and 2.6GHz while drawing up to 35 watts of power. The chips will come with up to 2MB of L2 cache and support for DDR2 memory. The new processor lineup also includes Athlon processors running at up to 2.1GHz with 1MB of cache.

AMD has planned to introduce Tigris, targeted the laptop market only one point of view that is the integrated graphics controllers. Instead AMD’s Tigris has M880 chipset with an ATI Radeon graphics that will not share processor’s memory and able to offload multimedia tasks like video decoding.