July 19, 2009

USA Cricket Association (USACA) to organize T20 League

America is place where the people mostly played Football (American Football) and Basketball. Cricket does not get huge popularity in the lands instead they like to ply ice-hockey. To make cricket popular they have started form very junior level. Recently, the USA Cricket Association has decided to inaugurate cricket tournament like Indian Premier League. The Cricket Association is planning to arrange the T20 formatted cricket in New York. Although it does not fix yet the inaugural ceremony, it will invite broadcasters, organizers and sponsors by the first week of August this year.

Cricinfo reported:

"The proof will be, is the USA ready to undertake these type of events? When the US was announced back in the late 1980s as the host for the 1994 [football] World Cup, the world laughed and said 'what are they going to do with our game'. And yet we still hold the record for the most tickets sold at a football World Cup.

"Before the world laughs at the US taking on cricket, it's important to say we're going to do it well, we're going to do it smart, we're going to do it best and with the world's experts and put together a programme that will be successful."

After successfully launched the IPL formatted Club Cricket league may be USA Cricket Association is going to take initiatives to organized, although some other country like Australia already has taken the steps to inaugurate the club competition when Sri Lankan Spinner Mendis will suppose to be taken parts. USACA chief executive, Don Lockerbie thinks that they will get huge supports from every area, like the fans of U.S. beside the worlds.