July 23, 2009

Samsung S9110 Watchphone to hit market for €450

Asian mobile company that has got huge popularity to the mobile users for many reasons and holding 14 percent mobile market over the glob, even it has been increased in the fist half of the year. Recently, Samsung has announced that its touch screen, 2G Samsung S9110 Watchphone will be opened for sell end of this month this year in European market, especially in French for €450.

Samsung Watchphone

Samsung has a rival business relation along with the other Korean Mobile phone giant LG, that announced a similar Watchphone LG GD910 will be released in August this year in UK. It was an expensive mobile phone of $1,000 comparing with Samsung’s S9110 price tag $640. Samsung is slimmer that LG WatchPhone of 2mm. but most of other configurations are same as the LGs’ GD910.

Samsung S9110 is considering the world first slimmest Watchphone and the dimension is 57.5mm x 41.1mm x 12 mm with 1.76 inches screen TFT Display. It has incorporate the Voice recognition technology with 2G connectivity support with built-in speakerphone and Outlook sync capabilities but Bluetooth headsets system.

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