July 5, 2009

Pentax Optio W80 Rugged digital camera and supports

By reading about the specifications of Pentax Optio W80 Rugged digital camera two things noticed my attention; 28mm Wide angle lens and Super Macro Mode for 1cm close shots.

‘Rugged digital camera’ may be the new added words in camera age. But in computer era it is well know words. Basically, the cameras, that cane be operated in extreme environments. We already have some cameras that considered Water Proof, Shock Proof and can be used under water and will not damage if it fall from hands.

Olympus may be brought this series camera first time. Later Panasonic DMC-TS1, ViviCam 6200W, PowerShot D10 etc come to the markets. Recently, Pentax has brought out Optio W80 digital camera that is claiming waterproof, dustproof, coldproof, and now shockproof.

Pentax Optio W80 digital camera has brought to the users with 12.1 Megapixels image sensor with 5X Internal Optical Zoom and has added 28mm wide angle lens. The large 2.5 LCD display has anti-reflective coating and brightness adjustment facilities and the camera will be available in three different colors Gunmetal Gray, Azure Blue and Cardinal Red, and the price will be $299.95 USD and will be available in July 2009.

To get the Customer Service you can contact with them by two ways; Live Chat and form the authorized dealers. But only for the U.S.A customer they can get support by calling at (800) 877-0155 directly. And online chatting can help the users to get support. For the customers of different regions can contact with the listed authorized dealers.

Source: http://www.pentaximaging.com