July 16, 2009

MCC to recommend arranging World Test Championships

Before being started the Ashes Test series 2009 there was a news on media that there would be a shorten version of test match of 4 days and it will be called as World Test Championships. Due to limited over (one-day) and most shorten over (Twenty20 format). To make more acceptances the world MCC's world cricket committee planned to arrange a Test World Championships. In as meeting ICC committee has recommended using pink ball and the match could be taken place on flood-light.

Cricinfo reported:

"Except for certain icon series, such as the Ashes, Test cricket throughout the world, and in particular the lower-ranked nations, is in very real danger of dying," a statement by the committee said. "MCC's research proved that attendances at Test cricket have declined in recent years. In addition, there is a growing ambivalence towards the longer format of the game from cricketers in certain nations, with player surveys revealing that an IPL contract was the main career aspiration for many."

Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble represent Indian along with the 19 men of the committee where Alec Stewart, Mike Atherton, Mike Brearley and most successful test winning captain present. It is sure that to show the calibers of any cricketers they have to compare with test match. But form the view of business it is going to be an unprofitable games. By arranging Championship MCC's world cricket committee is trying to make profitable and the first test match may be taken place with Bangladesh by using pink ball.