July 13, 2009

Kareena Kapoor denied to get marry soon

After breaking up four years relationship along with Shahid Kapoor in the September 2007, Kareena Kapoor paired along with Saif Ali Khan, the junior Nawab in October 2007. After passing two years, now family is asking them to marry earlier. But Bollywood top actress Bebo has denied to get marry at this moment for her career. Both the families members agree to complete the marriage ceremony even Saif may agree to marry now, only Kareena is not agree and may told it directly to Sharmila Tagore.


Says Sharmila, "Saif has not communicated to me anything on marrying Kareena but we (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila) know that he is very serious about her. We are aware that they both need time before they decide to settle down and we are ready to give them that. Both have come out of their past relationships and we are waiting for them to tell us when they would like to get married. We know that both are very fond of each other and by God's grace their marriage should happen soon. I cannot tell you which year or month as that totally depends on them. As parents, we would like Saif and Kareena to settle down as soon as possible."

Kareen is passing 28 years at this moment and Saif is 38. This is not fact, but main thing is that Saif married Amrita Singh in 1992 before and have two children who are staying with her mom at this moment and they devoiced each other in 2004. My question is about Kareena’s time pass is indicating the relationship break or really for career. I strongly recommended to think about career is the best option than marry.