July 28, 2009

Gateway NV5815u and NV5606u most rated Laptop computers by Customers

Gateway NV5815u and NV5606u is highly rated Laptop computes for the customers. Both are available in online to buy. Although they are from same series and same display of 15.6 inch with High-Definition LED-Backlit Screen with 16:9 widescreen, it equipped with different Processors. The graphics technology is as well as ATI and Intel.

To buy Gateway NV5606u laptop you will have to buy only through at New Age. But Gateway NV5815u is available in Buy.com and Select Retailer.

The storage capacity of Gateway NV5815u is 320GB but Gateway NV5606u has 500GB Hard Drive.

AMD Turion powered Gateway NV5606u price tag is $599.99, integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics as well as Gateway NV5815u has Intel Accelerator 4500MHD Graphics Media and price tag is $579.99.

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