July 27, 2009

Free PHP Tutorials website information W3Schools

There is nothing newly introduce about PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). It is a scripting language that wildly used for web development which works properly along with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Those, who want to lead themselves as a web developer should know PHP well especially by using MySQL and some other open-sourced content management software such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal as well as Zen Cart the most popular free shopping ecommerce software and also forum software too. You can visit the download center of PHP following the link http://windows.php.net/download who like to use php in Windows OS.

To learn, everyone should know the basic things very well. It is one year, I am working on Wordpress. It is free and most popular content management software to develop web site and Blog too. The Wordpress Team alos script language beside PHP. But most used PHP.

There are many websites on internet, from where you can get information easily to learn php basic, advance and expert quality tutorials. Today, I just will inform you about most popular free learning website W3Schools.com. By visiting the link you will go directly in the php learning chapter.

Here they have explained everything in details step-by-step. In the first two steps it shows you the basic and advance training. Next steps you will be showed how to connect MySQL database, the most effective parts of PHP. Later you will get some important PHP References and in the last steps you can take part PHP Quiz and PHP Exam.

You can also be W3Schools certificate holders by taking part in the examination. But you have to be a paid member and will have to take part their examination. W3Schools claims that they have issued 3500 certificates. So, stay with my blog to get essential and most useful information.