June 26, 2009

Brazil is in Confederation Cup 2009 final, 1-0 wins

I am watching, the semi final match of Confederation Cup Championship very attentively between South Africa and Brazil. Generally, I am the supporter of Argentina but like Brazil too. This time I was totally an audience and watching the match in Satellite TV channel ESPN at home. During the match it was very clear to me that there are many lacking inside the South African teams and also clear that Brazil could not play well and seems that if they could improver themselves then it would be difficult to be reached in a good position in World Cup 2010. I am not a football specialist even have to very good idea but as a viewer that is my opinions.

The first half time totally passed without goal. Event there were no crucial attacks from the both sides but a couple were very serious from Brazilian sides. In spite of some quality players who play regularly in the European prestigious club football tournament, it is clear that they could not please their fans in the first half with their performances.

South African men themselves know that they are not as well performer like Brazilian. But they moved alongside them very seriously with full of confidence.

At last Brazil able to score a goal at 87 minutes passed. The changing players D Alves netted the only wining goal by a free-kick from long distance of the goal post.