June 28, 2009

Brazil expects Ronaldinho’s back in World Cup 2010

It is still doubt that Brazilian midfield player Ronaldinho will be allowed for the next FIFA World Cup 2010 that supposed to be held in South Africa. In a recent conversation the former Brazilian players and responsible coach Dunga expressed his opinion but Ronaldinho have to proof his quality. Ronaldinho is performing low comparing with the expectation level and that is why he has been kept out from the Confederation Cup. Recently, Ronaldinho is playing on the side of Barcelona in Spanish league. Now, Question is; will he attend in the final of Confederation Cup against USA?

Goal reported:

Now, with Brazil in the final this weekend, Dunga said "I would like him to return, but if he is going to do it, I do not know".

"The question of his return is down to him...Obviously the responsibility falls on him, it depends on him more than me, but I would like him to return," AS quote him as saying.

I think all will be agree with me that Brazil could not play well in the confederation cup, though they have reached in the final. To get win they had to be anxious with the very less important football team. May be this is the main cause of returning of Ronaldinho. The ongoing performances are making doubt Brazil fans to do well in the next WC football. The team is going to take on USA in Confederation Cup final tonight at Coca-Cola Stadium.