June 4, 2009

Bollywood stars to work for HIV/AIDS awareness

Celebrates are always accepted to the people of the subcontinent especially India. The general people respect those most and the businessmen use them for marketing of their products. But sometime they have to be use for some outstanding purposes. Recently, news has attracted me that Bollywood Celebrities' Fight against AIDS! In the 26th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial some of top level bollywood stars are working with the organization for awareness of HIV/AIDS to the people.


Sponsored by the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), the Mumbai District AIDS Control Society had organized the event to pay tribute to those who lost their lives to the deadly disease. Themed 'Together, We Are the Solution' the programme was a part of the Global Health Council to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS across the world.

Hrithik Roshan is considered a heart throb hero in bollywood. He has very positive response to the bollywood film lovers. He along with his wife Suzanne Roshan was joined to the conference. One of the most successful film director Farhan Akhtar was also attended in the event.