May 21, 2009

Manchester United without Carlos Tevez in UCL 08-09 final

Everyone hopes that their supported teams will do better even will win every matches and will title and what not. Manchester United has wiped out all the ties along with Argentines’ star Carlos Tevez after two year. Tevez has a contact with Man Utd for two years from 2007-2009. After end of the season, MU did not extend their contact with the Argentines’ star Carlos Tevez. The medias are kept the new in top last few days after semi-finals of UEFA Champions League.


Goal reported:

"It will be a duel between the two best players in the world," he is quoted as saying. "The big winner will be the fan, because there should be many dribbles, nice moves and goals. "Still, I believe it will be known afterwards as Cristiano Ronaldo's final."


All hopes that Manchester will have to pay for it. Because Tevez was a big supports besides the other stars like Ronaldo and Rooney. Manchester United midfielder Anderson determines to do well in without Carlos Tevez. He also hopes that they will be the title holders of the UCL 080-09 this year that will be held in Rome at Stadio Olimpico stedium on 27 May 2009.